Power Magnetics:
- Unshielded
- Shielded
- Radial/Axial
Surface Mount:
- Multilayer Beads/Inductors
- Filter
- Wirewound Inductors
Toroidal Inductors
RJ45 Integrated Magnetics:

- 10/100 Base-TX Single Port --- RJ45 Tab-Down    

- 10/100 Base-TX Single Port----  RJ45 Tab-Up
- 10/100 / 1000 Base-TX Single - Port RJ45 Tab-Up
- 10/100 / 1000 Base-TX 1XN - - Port RJ45 Tab-Up
- RJ45 / Dual USB Combo
Customised Products
NEW Products
In today’s modern world
- Products’ Technology are getting more Advanced and Sophisticated
- Products’ Footprints are getting Smaller
- Products’ Lifecycle are getting Shorter
To help our customers stay ahead of the ever increasing competition, Tai-Tech has, through the years, developed many products which are fully customized accordingly to customers’ requirements. We know no boundary in our relentless pursue of being among the best in our field.